Persephone's Pantry | Vegan Mushroom and Rosemary Pie

Decadent, vegan pastry filled with a medley of mushrooms, leek and rosemary, all coated in a rich and peppery red wine gravy. These moreish morsels of deliciousness are perfect for when you’re more than just a little bit snacky. Or, for the ultimate comfort meal, serve with mash, greens and a little extra gravy!

Product comes in packs of 2 (2x 300g)


Ingredients: Mushrooms, wheat flour, olive oil based spread (Nuttelex), red wine, leek, rice flour, vegetable stock, water, vegetable oil, rosemary, garlic, black pepper, sea salt.

*Contains gluten

Vegan Mushroom and Rosemary Pies


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